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Micro-Lite operates an open-pit mine in Buffalo, Kansas to extract an igneous rock called lamproite, also known as Magnesium-Mica (AAFCO definition 57.24). Magnesium-Mica has been studied extensively by State Colleges and Universities, Veterinarians, Nutritionist, the Federal Food and Drug Administration, the Association of American Feed Control Officials, and many independent research firms. As an established provider to the animal feed industry, many feed mills and mineral mixing operations utilize the numerous benefits of Magnesium-Mica.

Binding & Pelleting

Natural lubricity lowers utility costs and causes more tons/hour through the pellet mill.
Reduces friction heat at the die and rolls -- extended die life and drastically reducing wear on mills.
Especially useful in feeds, pellets, and cubes with high amounts of urea, molasses or DDGs.
Has equal to, or better, bioavailability of Magnesium than Magnesium-Oxide -- in addition to be more palatable.

Anti-caking & Improved Flowability

Absorbent, yet holds structure -- allows the mass to flow more freely.

Diluent/Carrier for Vitamin & Mineral Pre-mixes

Low in Calcium and does not affect the cal/phos balance.
Does not interact with vitamins.
Particle size, nutrient content, and density are optimum for medicated mixes.

Free-choice Mineral Mixes

Low cost ingredient with no expiration date.

Verified Effective Across All Species



At the mine site the mineral is crushed and kiln dried, then the product is trucked to the plant at the west edge of Buffalo, where it is screened, sized and weighed for either bagged or bulk use. Magnesium-Mica is available by the bulk truck load, in one ton tote sacks, or 50 lb bags -- shipped all over the United States. Micro-Lite offers three product gradations: XFine, Standard and Granular:

XFine magnesium-mica


Standard magnesium-mica


Granular magnesium-mica



Lamproite is a basic rock having a relatively simple mineralogy consisting of the minerals altered olivine and phlogopite mica set in a very fine-grained groundmass consisting of clays and carbonate minerals. The chemical composition of the minerals is responsible for the high magnesium and potassium content of the rock. The processed lamproite is not considered hazardous or toxic in normal use due to the absence of metallic or sulfide minerals. The rock is virtually insoluble, odorless, will not burn or support combustion and does not present an explosion hazard. Magnesium-Mica does not mold in moist atmospheric conditions or have an expiration date.

During the 1990’s extensive research was carried out to determine the nature of the deposit. These studies showed the volcanic association of the lamproite, the size of the deposit, as well as the mineralogical and chemical characteristics of the rock. Current estimates show that we have not even scratched the surface of the deposit.

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