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Uses & Benefits

Magnesium-Mica is a low cost feed ingredient that has several specific benefits. It is a nutritional carrier with low calcium levels for diluting drug premixes and basemixes. It is exceptional in binding blocks, cubes, tubs, and pelleted feed rations. In addition, it is highly sought after as a flow agent in feed and feed additives.

Magnesium-Mica has been used effectively as a binding and pelleting agent in various types of livestock mineral, poultry feed, and deer supplements for years. By holding and transferring moisture, excess fats and oils, its binding effect is useful in pellets, cubes and blocks. It is especially useful in feeds, pellets and cubes that use high amounts of urea, molasses or dry distiller’s grains.

Its natural lubricity lowers utility costs by reducing friction heat at the die and rolls, extending the die life and producing more tons per hour through the pellet mill.

Since it is not affected by atmospheric conditions a more physically consistent pellet is produced that has less cracking, less fines, less bin bridging and longer pellet life. Its low cost encourages a higher use level which, in turn, will produce better quality pellets and cubes.

Additionally, magnesium-mica is ORMI listed as an organic product, and may be used as an additive in certified organic production or food processing according to the USDA National Organic program rule.
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Use Cases

Magnesium-mica is well suited for anti-caking and flowability. It is absorbent yet holds its structure, which allows the mass to flow more freely. It is low in calcium and does not affect the cal/phos balance in feed formulas.

Magnesium-mica is used as a carrier for micro premixes. It assures dry mixes and free flowing products and does not interact with vitamins. It blends well with other carriers and increases density of the carrier mixture as well as the total premix.

Magnesium-mica will assist in pelleting and binding process. Its natural lubricity lowers utility costs and increases more tons per hour through the pellet mill. Since it is not affected by atmospheric conditions a physically consistent pellet is produced.

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Magnesium-mica works great for free-choice mineral supplement. It is a low cost ingredient, does not set up and does not mold. Also, there are no interactions with drugs up to 7.5% per ton. The density and particle sizes blend well with other mineral components.

Magnesium-mica has proven excellent palatability. Research trials have shown that cattle will consume significant levels of the product, even when fed free choice.

Magnesium-mica is the perfect additive for organic end products. The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) supports organic integrity by providing organic certifiers, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers an independent review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing. View our certificate of OMRI Listing.

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Product Application:

Cubes and Pellets2.5 – 5%
Complete Feeds2.5 – 5%
Blocks All Natural5.0 – 10%
Blocks Urea5.0 – 20%
Mineral Mixes2.5 – 50%
Urea and Molasses Feeds5.0 – 10%
Poultry Feed .0025-.007%
Dry Distillers Feeds and Cubes5.0 – 10%

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