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Silver City

The present mine site was first discovered in the late 18OO's by silver prospectors on their way West. Word spread and soon many others arrived and set up a mining camp and called it "Silver City". The boom only lasted around six months, however, to this day the earth dome pushed up by the eruption is known as the Silver City Dome.

During the 195O's, local residents would use the "sand" in their gardens as a fertilizer supplement. It was also common knowledge that cattle would lick the ground where the deposit is located. In 1961, a company was formed (later to become Micro-Lite) to explore possible uses for the product. Tests were conducted to see whether the material could be used as; magnesium fertilizer, soil additive/conditioner, a source of mineral for animal feed, a pellet binder for animal feed, a free flow/anti-caking agent, or in industrial applications. Research by several universities and many major feed manufacturers determined the best market for the product was in livestock and wildlife feed production as a mineral supplement, pelleting aid/filler and free flow/anti-caking assistance.

Company Beginnings

By 1981, Micro-Lite became an established supplier to the feed industry. In 1985, the product name was changed to "magnesium-mica" from vermiculite in order to more closely reflect the true nature of the product. Magnesium-mica is a listed organic feed product, and research is performed continually to seek new applications and new marketing areas. Micro-Lite, LLC is committed to improving the business of its customers by providing a quality product that meets their needs at an affordable price.

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