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Magnesium-Mica is a trusted ingredient of the livestock animal feed industry for over 40 years. Utilized as a binding/pelleting ingredient, flow agent, carrier in vitamin/mineral pre-mixes, or as a mineral filler; Mag-Mica is the low cost solution in feed formulas. For information on ordering, please visit our contact page.

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The principal use of Magnesium-Mica has been as a low cost feed ingredient with a variety of specific benefits. It is an excellent dry carrier with most of the physical characteristics of free-choice pasture minerals, improves the nutritional profile of livestock feed and deer minerals, and lowers utility costs at pellet mills. Better yet, its an all natural product and OMRI listed for use in certified organic products.

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Magnesium-Mica (Mag-Mica) is a mineral clay that consists of 8% Magnesium, 4% Iron, and 1% Potassium. It is useful as a component of soilless root media to enhance physical and chemical properties of these mixes. Its micronutrient profile is beneficial for plant growth.

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Magnesium-Mica is a low cost mineral supplement that has several agricultural and wildlife feed benefits. It is a nutritional carrier with low calcium levels for diluting drug premixes and basemixes. It can be used to assist in the binding of blocks, cubes, and pelleted feed rations. It works as a flow agent in feed and feed ingredients, and its nutritional profile aids in combating grass tetany in livestock.

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