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A major use of magnesium-mica, also known as vermiculite, is as a mineral base and binding agent for livestock and deer feeds. Magnesium-mica consists of 8% magnesium, 4% iron, and 1% potassium and makes an excellent base for mineral mix. This base increases commercial acceptability due to its physical characteristics which improve the texture and provide eye appeal. In addition, it is adsorptive and helps to maintain the free flowing characteristic that is desirable in a mineral mix.

Magnesium-mica is an excellent diluent to overcome the palatability problems that occur in agricultural minerals and medicated mineral mixes. Most magnesium sources are unpalatable; therefore, it is difficult to achieve the desired intake level. Micro-Lite's products are very palatable to livestock and wildlife, and whether used alone or in combination with other sources of magnesium, can increase magnesium intake in cattle to protect against grass tetany.


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Magnesium-mica helps maintain the proper Ca:P ratio. The proper Ca:P ratio in livestock rations is critical to avoid nutritional problems. A Ca:P ratio above 2:1 in monogastric or 5:1 in ruminants should be avoided. Phosphorus is deficient on range and pastures during much of the year and must be supplemented.

Since phosphorus is expensive compared to calcium it is important to minimize excess calcium. Magnesium-mica is low in calcium (.5-1.5%) and therefore when used as a carrier or diluent helps maintain a proper Ca:P ratio, reduces the risk of hypercalcemia, and produces a superior mineral mix.

For additional information on the use of all-natural magnesium in organic mineral feeds contact us directly at 620-537-7025. Micro-Lite's products are OMRI listed for organically certified products, and we think you will find; as so many manufacturers have, that magnesium-mica is an essential ingredient in commercially profitable mineral supplements.

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