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Use it in pelleted feeds, minerals, supplements, or by itself as a deer mineral. Magnesium-Mica contains many major nutrients used in antler growth.

Try Mag-mica in your deer feeding regime. Call 1-888-MAG-MICA or email us at orders@micro-litellc.com today.

Magnesium-Mica is the all natural deer and wildlife mineral mined in southeast Kansas. Many of our customers throughout the US use our product in their wildlife and deer feeds, minerals, and supplements. The nutrient profile of Magnesium-Mica coincides with the esstential nutrients needed to boost antler growth, increase body weight, and improve immune health. A surplus of minerals for your deer herd will help fawns develop and aid bucks by allowing additional minerals to be allocated to antler growth.

In addition to deer and elk, Magnesium-Mica makes a great supplement in game bird rations and pellets.
Bobwhite quail


Whitetail deer

You can also use Magnesium-Mica on its own. Try placing it in your favorite spot and nourish your deer herd all year long. Research studies have shown that Magnesium-Mica is highly palatable – even when fed free-choice. Due to its guaranteed mineral profile and palatability, Mag-Mica makes an excellent addition to wildlife feed and deer rations.

Contains all the necessary minerals involved in antler growth:

  • Magnesium 8%
  • Iron 4%
  • Calcium 2%
  • Potassium 1%
  • Phosphorus 0.4%
  • Plus: sodium, zinc, barium, aluminum, strontium, manganese, and 25+ other trace nutrients.

Provides many benefits in feed production:

Not only does Magnesium-Mica work great in livestock feed.

  • Works as a binding agent for cubes, pellets, blocks.
  • It is an excellent flow agent in feed and feed ingredients.
  • Use OMRI listed Mag-Mica as an all-natural addition to organic feeds.

Product Application:

Cubes and Pellets2.5 – 5%
Complete Feeds2.5 – 5%
Blocks All Natural5.0 – 10%
Blocks Urea5.0 – 20%
Mineral Mixes2.5 – 50%
Urea and Molasses Feeds5.0 – 10%
Dry Distillers Feeds and Cubes5.0 – 10%

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