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The All Natural Soil Additive-Conditioner of Kansas

Lamproite is a combination of trace minerals and micronutrients in their natural form. It is beneficial to all growing plants and may be applied directly to seed or roots at planting time or used as a top dressing any time of year. Magnesium fertilizer is eco-friendly and does not burn. Magnesium-mica comes from a surface deposit of a rare rock that only occurs in a few places in the world. This deposit is located in Buffalo in southeastern Kansas.

Contains five major all-natural essential nutrients for healthy plant growth:

  • Magnesium 8% is essential for the production of chlorophyll, which promotes photosynthesis, the conversion of sunlight into plant food
  • Iron 4% for enhanced greening
  • Calcium 2% is important for uptake of most macro and micronutrients and is responsible for strong growth and very important in bud set and water uptake
  • Potassium 1% essential in regulation of osmotic pressure and in most metabolic cellular processes
  • Phosphorus 0.4% helps to build strong roots and is vital for seed and flower production

The many uses of magnesium fertilizer

Magnesium-mica, or vermiculite as it is sometimes called, is an all natural product with nothing added or removed, it contains essential minerals for healthy plant growth. Mag-mica is highly absorbent and can save up to 18% on water usage. This free flowing, non-toxic, non-corrosive element leaves no harmful residues in the soil and is economical and easy to apply, improving soil aeration and plant nutrition.

  • Vegetable gardens
  • Flower beds and roses
  • Lawns
  • Indoor plants
  • Trees and shrubs and field crops - It is an all natural product with nothing added or removed
  • Improves soil aeration
Lawn & Garden growing with Micro-lite

Recommended Directions for use:

  • Potted Plants: Mix 1 to 2 cups into 10 cups of planting medium.
  • Garden plants, shrubs and trees: Work 6 to 10 pounds into the soil at time of planting or spread around established trees and shrubs and water generously.
  • Gardens: Allow 50 pounds for covering 500 square feet and work into the soil.
  • Lawns: Allow 50 pounds for covering 1,000 square feet.
  • Field Crops: Apply 200 to 400 pounds per acre depending on the amount of soil leaching and erosion that has occurred.

K-State Study

There is continued research that points to the benefits and uses of magnesium-mica. View the Kansas State Horticultural study, conducted by their department to evaluate physical properties of peat-based root media amended with mag-mica. The study evaluated its role in growth, nutrient and water management.

View the Research »

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